Meadow Cottage

Meadow Cottage is located at Horton Road, Woodlands in Wimborne. This bed and breakfast is ideal for either honeymoon, holiday or business purposes due to the various room options available for the different purposes. The suites available include Honeymoon Suite, Bluebell Suite, Business Suites 1 and 2, South Wing Holiday Cottage, Summerhouse Holiday Cottage, and Stables Holiday Cottage.

One gets to enjoy a workspace, lounges, and free Wi-Fi. Home and kitchen appliances, private bathrooms, and a TV. These are just but a few of what Meadow Cottage has to offer. For these facilities, the room, workspace, and daily continental breakfast, that cost is £150 for people staying there up to 5 nights in a week.

The place is amazing though it does not have much to offer apart from its facilities. The workspace may, also, prove to be quite small. Generally, it’s a recommended place.